Superfood Chef Classes Bali

Our Raw Food Chef Certification & Training takes place on Bali, the tropical island of the Gods and Goddesses. The abundance of organic tropical fruits and veggies simply makes Bali the perfect training ground. Your creative mind and noble body will be left nourished, activated and inspired. Whether you want to open a café, expand your existing chef skills and add a few raw food items to your existing menu or just to prepare healthy meals at home for your family and friends. We will meet where you are at.

You will be professionally and intimately taught raw combinations and variations of many of your favorite dishes and desserts. Accompanied by the nutritional benefits, we will expand what you can do at home using local produce to empower you to keep going. You’ll become competent at using all the necessary raw food kitchen tools for preparing these delights as part of your hands on training. You will you gain confidence and understanding of ‘the Raw Living Foods Kitchen’. Join us for your Raw Food Chef Certification & Training course here on Bali at Ubud.

We will meet your experience level where you are at. All are welcome.

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