The Dreamtime is what the original race on this Earth, the Australian Aboriginal people, refer to as the other side of coin (simply). We have four frequencies of the brain – alpha, beta, theta and delta. With our eyes open we activate one side of the coin – the beta frequency (external world, conscious mind, ego). With eyes closed we activate the other side, the alpha (our internal world, life force or spirit). The Dreamtime is this alpha frequency, our internal world. It is on this level we create our reality in the physical dimension. If our invisible internal world is out of balance then our visible external world will show us where in the form of emotional or physical imbalance. Alpha –Beta- Original people, the first to master these frequencies. Holographic Kinetics is an understanding of how we use these frequencies to affect our reality.

What is KINETICS? KINETIC energy is the infinite harmony of the universe in the form of free flowing balanced energy. When that is captured by the act of our thoughts, it becomes trapped potential (explosive) energy, aligning itself into plutonic geometry forming a crystal which now stores memory and locks into the stress point of the body–in its own separate dimension known as ” time”. This is created by the universal mind of its creator, passing through the cellular memory of its being – us.

Holographic Kinetics (a simple explanation)

There are two worlds here, cause and effect. If through our actions we hang on to our stuff (causes), it will manifest in the form of imbalance (effects). Only your spirit knows the when, how, what,  why and where your creations are. With this system, we essentially assist you to heal yourself. Until we acknowledge we have had previous past lives, and within those lives we have experienced trauma, we can only heal portions of our imbalances. This system effectively and holistically rebalances and is not limited to the following:

  •   Emotional trauma and our relationship to it
  •   Anger, frustration, panic attacks and fear based emotions that arise
  •   Belief systems, destructive programs and self sabotage
  •   Physical traumas/imbalances
  •   Cycles of similarity (repetitive patterns in our life that do not serve us)
  •   Agreements of entrapment prior to birth and since birth
  •   Voices in the head, multiple personality disorders, possession

– Or simply just giving you an edge in life that you’re looking for..

My name is Ben Richards and I have been confidently practicing this modality in depth for 10 years and studied many other forms of healing for 20+ years.


“I didn’t actively seek out a healing session with Ben, but when a friend introduced us and in conversation he started explaining and then going into detail about it, I had to give it a try.  And I’m so glad I did. The healing session itself was like nothing I had experienced previously, but I haven’t done any real spiritual healing before so I don’t have anything to compare it to.  Throughout the whole session I felt completely comfortable and supported by Ben as he talked, guided and asked questions of me through the process.

And I did feel something!  I don’t quite know how to describe it, it was the moving of something dark from deep inside the essence of my being.  In the following days I felt that there had been a permanent shift in my perception or my way of thinking, except it wasn’t just a change in my thought processes, it felt like it was something deeper than that, it felt like a  change in a long held belief system that I wasn’t even aware of and that I don’t have the words to describe.  I can only describe it as a softening towards others and a lightness in myself.  But I was still me, it wasn’t like I woke up a different person, I had just offloaded something that I didn’t need any more, something that I didn’t even know was there.

I have to admit I was a little surprised when I confirmed the age of the current life memory that we focussed on, and whilst I remain somewhat sceptical of the past life memory it wasn’t impossible that it could have happened that way.

I definitely look forward to my next session with Ben, to see what other hidden demons I can let go of.”