Thanks for being vulnerable!

As a show of thanks, here’s my Quick Fasting Protocol that I share with my good friends and family. If you feel you have the desire to fast, follow these steps for 7-10 days and let me know how it goes.

If you feel like this is a little too much for you, and you’d like to come join us in Bali to dive a little deeper.

Ok well getting started I recommend doing 7-10 days on juice. 
First 4 days drink as much of what ever juices you like. Have a colonic on day 3 and/or do enemas each day. Best 2 enemas per day morning and night. 
Day 4 you should wake up feeling amazing if not day 5.  
Each day:
~ Intestinal broom:
~ Take each day 250mls of water mixed with;
1 tblspn of bentonite clay
1 tblspn psyllium husk or 1 tblspn flax meal
mixed (if no psyllium) in room temperature water. Mix well in big glass and drink as fast as you feel comfortable. Don’t walk around with it all morning. Smash it down if you can at 8am, 10, 12, 2 & 4pm for 4 days in a row – (5 x per day for 4 days in a row)This is an intestinal broom. Cleans out the digestive tract and is super important for elimination. It’s not heavy. Will also help with absorption of nutrients as your digestive tract will be cleansed. A colonic or enema the day after is a good idea. 
Also each day, prepare this skin scrub and leave in the bathroom for use each day. You take 300mls of vodka in a jar and continue to add as much bentonite clay and bicarbonate soda to it until it becomes a mud/putty that you can spread on your skin. Not runny and not full mud. You will take a shower in the morning and scrub your body with this. Let it dry for about 10-15mns. Then wash it off. If you can lay naked in the sun afterward this is great, for up to 30mns . The skin is the largest organ of elimination and this gets the process happening. It’s your third kidney basically. 
Ok so daily:
2 liters water with 20mls apple cider vinegar and 10mls fresh squeezed lemon juice in first thing in the morning. 
Enemas (best to do each day morning and afternoon for the first 5 days) or a colonic on the 3rd and 7th day. 
Skin clay ‘Guasha’ and sun. 
Drink as much juice as and when you want. Strain the fiber out of the juice. Coconut water is good also. 
Look up dr Robert Morse on YouTube and search kidney filtration. Watch his videos. He might also have one on lipomas. Just search that word and his name. 
If you can far infra red sauna do it also. 
If on day 5or6 your feeling it, just drink water for the day. And then juice the next day. Go from 8pm at night to the next 8pm. Should be easy for you. If you can do it again do another day. If you need to drink the juice just do it.  
The most important thing about fasting is how you break it and rebuilding your nutrients afterwards. So no intermittent fasting. 2 solid weeks of eating nutrient dense meals and good fats. To break the fast. Make some coconut yoghurt or something probiotic rich yoghurt you can buy. Eat that first thing. Nothing else. Do that for a day or half a day on the day you want to finish. Then eat a piece of water melon. Later..some papaya. Etc. only one at a time. Take it easy. Listen to these words. Take it easy haha. It’s easy to just smash the food down but you’ve come this far, respect the process. We apply the art and the science. 
Read all of Arnold ehrets books. And Hilton hotemas mans higher consciousness. Watch john rose on YouTube. Especially from 1-3 years ago.
Salt water flush. A heroic journey. Do half recipe if you’re not feeling strong. It’s not to be done on a full stomach or just after you’ve had your juice or coconut water 
Get a large mason jar or bottle without metallic lid. Add as much salt bit by bit and stir in until no more salt dissolves. (Around 26% salt to water) leave in the sun for a full day 10am-10am for example. Then drink at least 1 liter of it. Smash it down don’t sip it. Have a toilet handy. 
Breaking the fast. I like to come off with coconut yoghurt and fruits like melons, grapes, watermelon, mango, soft flesh like that. One at a time. Take it super easy. 
Take a tablespoon of the coconut yoghurt if you have it. 
Then 10mns later a small piece of the fruits then again 10mns later another piece of fruit. 
And keep doing that until you’re full. It’s easy to smash down a bunch of fruits. But take it really slow. Enjoy the process. Smell each fruit. Try that for a day then the next day start adding in a fruit smoothie with kale or greens. 
Then perhaps try a salad the next day. Not too complex and not to flavorful. I like to advise people to ease back into big flavors to avoid food addictions and cravings. Fruits on the first day. Smoothie on the second. Salad on the third. 
A healthy digestion should see a bowel movement after 45mns-1 hour after you finish your first meal after breaking the fast. That’s the gauge. But don’t worry if you don’t. That’s just a gauge. 
Then keep up with the probiotic rich foods for as long as you can. You need to rebuild the microbiome and any difficulties you find with digesting food will be around reestablishing the microbiome. It just takes time and everyone is different. Cultured veggies, coconut yoghurt etc

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