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The Seeds of Life – Raw Food Cafe Bali and Taoist Tonic Bar


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The Seeds of Life –  Raw Food Cafe Bali & Taoist Tonic Bar, opened March 13, 2014 & has been vibing ever since.

Raw Food Cafe Bali and Taoist Tonic Bar, daily Ashtanga Yoga & Tai Chi classes, Raw Food workshops & courses in Ubud, Bali

Our vision for SOL Raw Food Cafe Bali and Tonic Bar – is to present our clean fresh vibrant living foods many have come to enjoy from our retreats, in a restaurant environment, support the growing raw food community here in Ubud which is the largest in the world per square metre & continue to educate & inspire our students from our trainings. So now you don’t have to do our retreats or trainings to get a taste of the goodness. Positioned in the mountains of Bali, we have access to some of the most vibrant organic produce grown in rich volcanic soils & fresh picked daily. Serving fresh organic juices, superfood smoothies, delicious raw & vegan deserts, soft centred-tonic-herb filled raw chocolates, superfood bliss balls.  Then we go to the next level. Serving sprouted buckwheat waffles with butterscotch ice-cream & caramel sauce, chai chia porridge, banana pancakes, raw warmed pizzas, lasagnes, Japanese nigiri, burgers, take away ferments & coconut yoghurt, Wild Ancient Artisan Chinese Tea menu, ancient tea tree kombuchas, coconut kefir- all raw of course. Read our menu below & stay tuned as we take raw food to a whole new paradigm. Also, keep an eye out for the students from our training as they will be doing their internship here in the Cafe! Could this be you?

This possibly is the most exciting & creative Raw Food Cafe Bali has ever seen. Big Call? Come & check it out…



Life energy is like the candle

The Tonic Bar –  We are really excited to bring to you a technology from The Ancient Wisdom of the Taoist Master Herbalists, we present The Tonic Bar. For over 5000 years, the Chinese Master Herbalists have meticulously documented & studied nature & her inhabitants from the perspective of gaining superior health & longevity in a way that is harmonising – the Yin & the Yang Principals. We source & combine wild & organic tonic herbs directly from China by families who understand the importance that the efficacy of the decoctions is only as good as the quality of the herbs. We have not held back in sourcing the best & the freshest available – freshly picked 10 year old Ginseng, wild Shizandra berries, organic Goji berries & locally grown Reishi mushrooms as an example. All is available through our Tonic Bar as decoctions, tonic creamers, chocolates, deserts, salad dressing, miso soup & our take away drinks fridge. In addition to our decoctions we have sourced the latest technology in micronisation. This is a way by means of extracting the most beneficial constituents from the herbs making them far more effective & bio-available, though entering the body’s energy system via a different pathway to the decoctions. Our formulas have been carefully crafted upon an ancient & trusted system. We have not & will not carelessly combine plant technology without careful examination or planning.


In addition we are offering a Wild & Ancient Artisan Chinese Tea menu. Wild Tea Qi, a company specialising in sourcing Ancient wild Artisan teas from family & sustainable farming in Yunnan & other provinces throughout the premium growing regions of China, provide us with award winning Puer, Oolong, Black, White & Green Teas. We are very proud to present these special teas with such a great story of integrity for the lineage & craftsmanship. Some of the growers have had these farms in their families for over 2000 years & some of our teas we will be providing on our menu are from trees that are over 800 years old. The saying goes “the longer a tree has its roots in the ground for, the more Qi it absorbs into the leaves”. Many of our teas are picked under the full moon to ensure full vitality & Qi is absorbed into the new leaves then hand processed with careful thought not to ‘contaminate’ with any negative energy from people or machinery.

Our menu, yoga & Qi Gong schedule below….




So you ingest the best living foods you can source & activate, your Tonic Herbal regime is going well & have found that there is something visceral about these experiences. Then what? There is ALWAYS the next level… It is from our experience that this is only really the beginning. Actually our birthright. On this planet there has been many cultures that have spent time studying the energetics of the body & the connection it has to nature & the universe, fundamentally via the nervous system. What we have experienced is that when you combine a healthy regime with the wisdom of a systemic cultivation practice like Ashtanga Yoga or Tai Chi & Qi Gong, it’s like the pieces of the puzzle really start coming together.

We have bought together 2 very special teachers & life long students of their craft. Rachel Grey – Ashtanga Yoga & Dave West – Tai Chi

About Rachel ~ We are really lucky to have Rachel Grey with us from 25th September until February 4th while our resident teacher Iain Grysak takes a rest & then goes to Mysore for 3 months. He will resume his regular schedule from February 4.

Rachel has this to say about the practice of Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga.

Are you dependent on your Yoga Teacher?


Although yoga is rising in popularity worldwide, there are many people who wouldn’t dream of doing yoga by themselves despite having practiced in classes for many years.

Not dissimilar to being fed fish, rows of students arrive, awaiting expectantly for the yoga teacher to feed them the next class and go away again having no recollection of what they did during the class. Only having to come back and wait to be fed their fish the very next day/ week
Although often this is the most common way to start practicing yoga, it might not be the way you want to continue forever. At a certain point building your own personal practice is self empowerment, similar to learning ‘how to fish’ for yourself


”Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever”


So what does it take to build your own yoga practice?


Commitment ~            5 or 6 days of daily practice in a row is a good amount of time to see how                                                               having a self practice starts to take shape, one class wouldn’t do this. It takes a few                                               days to get into a rhythm and then a few more to settle into it


A little patience ~       It takes a little more time to slowly build a self practice, it may not be as                                        ‘stimulating’ as powering through lots of postures to music remembering what they                                            were


A sense of humor ~   Not taking yourself too seriously and learning from mistakes is an inevitable                                                          and valuable process


Less expectation ~    Inflated expectations and ambition is often the cause of much of our suffering                                                       in any practice. Dropping the expectations of what we want to achieve, we                                                             can finally meet ourselves honestly where we are at instead of where we wish                                                        to be which fosters contentment in the process of building a self practice


Awareness ~             The silence of a self practice can be confronting, a little like meditation when                                                        we sit still, all the thoughts and emotions can arise, but with the awareness                                                            that this is happening, we learn to detach from them and simply observe


A flexible mind ~      Initially working the body to reach the mind and then vice versa. The body                                                            won’t stretch until the mind does

The Benefits?


Independence ~        Having a self practice means that you can take your practice everywhere with                                                       you so whether you are travelling or you are at home and settled you have the                                                       choice to practice by yourself or attend a class and pick up your practice where you left                                       off. Even at times when you don’t have access to a teacher you can continue                                                           independently until you find one


Emotional  Intelligence ~ This comes from having the space and and quietness to see thoughts and                                                      emotions surfacing without reacting or suppressing them and learning how to breathe                                        calmly through whatever is arising during practice, an ability which then transfers                                              outside of yoga practice into daily life. Sometimes a guided yoga class can distract                                                from this process as your focus is often on the teacher instructing and not yourself                                              and your own process


Insight ~                       Repetition of the same sequence on a daily basis creates a solid framework                                                             to build a self practice which brings insight through clearer reflection.                                                                     Through this repetition we can see and appreciate subtle changes

      “How can one see a true reflection if the mirror is always changing?”


Transformation ~       If we are only practicing what we like and can already do, often skipping                                                                things we don’t like, we can become weak, unbalanced. By gently guiding                                                                ourselves through things that we find challenging we start to overcome these                                                        weaknesses and imbalances and grow and transform


Concentration ~        The quietness of a self practice allows our focus to turn inwards from worldly                                                        or external distractions, this builds razor sharp focus and concentration.

The mind, like a wild tiger gradually strengthens through discipline preparing                                                      for meditation and eventually liberation

How to begin?

 One way to start a self practice is to join a self practice or ‘Mysore’ class, this is often how Ashtanga style classes are taught worldwide. Called ‘Mysore’ because it was developed in the town of Mysore, south India and popularised there by the late Pattabhi Jois in the 1960’s.

Some yoga schools also provide beginners courses to start you off which are also a great introduction. A self practice is best taught one posture at a time and repeated daily so that it sinks into the body and mind slowly and deeply over time

Another way is to work one-on-one with a teacher, this would be more expensive than taking Mysore classes or beginners courses but working alone with a teacher does mean that the time spent with them is much more effective, and that you would need less time, so having them once a week/month combined with a daily self practice to practice what you learn makes it worth the cost.


Rachel Grey Rachel Grey PhotoHas been empowering people with their own yoga practice for 10 years      and is currently offering Mysore classes at the Seeds of Life Cafe in Ubud, Bali.

With 15 years of practice she has studied with some of the worlds most well respected teachers and has taught along side some of them at one of Asia’s leading yoga retreat centers – Samahita Retreat, as a senior teacher.She teaches the progressively demanding, set sequences of Ashtanga with a therapeutic approach.


It takes a 5 day commitment to start a daily self practice and the cost is 100,000 IDR. This can be deducted from the cost of a monthly pass

More information:

We have a daily Mysore style program running Sundays through Fridays from 7am – 10 am with a lead class on Friday. Saturdays, moon days – full & new off.

Email Rachel and visit her website www.ashtangayogatherapy.co.uk

About Dave West – Tai Chi


The value of Tai Chi is in its ability to help us develop our relationship with universal energy and the Tao and the potential to strengthen and repair the physical and energetic body, which in turn has the potential to prevent and cure diseases. With regular practice Tai Chi keeps blood and energy circulation smooth in the entire body, and prevents disease. The secret lies in daily moving meditation and internal exploration of the mind and body, which leads to a state of active relaxation and Qi sensitivity, known in Chinese as ‘song kai’; the action of loosening and sinking while opening and expanding. A growing body of clinical research has now evaluated the effectiveness and safety of Tai Chi as a preventative and therapeutic tool for a variety of health issues including Arthritis, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes, as well as balance and postural stability, musculoskeletal strength and flexibility, cardio-respiratory fitness, immune function and general stress management. There is also a growing database of the psychological effects of Tai Chi which has been shown to provide an immediate source of relaxation and mental quiescence, with scientific evidence showing positive improvements to medical conditions such as hypertension, insomnia, dementia, depression and anxiety disorders. Tai Chi research has been critically evaluated in recent medical reviews around the world including Harvard Medical School, University of California Los Angeles, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Chang-Gung University Taiwan.


Although Dave’s first Tai Chi Chuan classes were Wutan style with Sifu Dan Docherty in London in the late 80’s, it was not until 2000 that his interest in Chinese healing arts became more focused. A chance meeting in Lumpini Park with a Thai-Chinese Wushu master led to several years of Yang Tai Chi Chuan private lessons in Bangkok. This was followed by many more years training in Tai Chi Jian and Wu Qin Xi at Chiang Mai’s Tibetan Kung Fu Center with Sifu Kai Kherliang, and later, Shisan Shi with Sifu Keith Good, Medical Qigong with Sifu Daniel Li Ox, and Chen’s Tai Chi for Health and Wellness with Sifu Julie Hastings. Spending so much time visiting Northern Thailand, Dave was fortunate to meet many students of Mantak Chia who introduced him to the Universal Healing Tao. Meeting in the cold wintery mornings at Buak Hat Park to practise what they called Tai Chi Chi Kung (Taijiqigong), Dave was able to broaden his experience with different styles of Nei Gong. More recently, Dave has been studying Tui Shou with Wing Chun master Ong Wen Ming, and exploring similar internal martial arts such as I Liq Quan with Sifu Victor Yen and Sifu Joey Nishad Herath, and Zi Wu Men and Yi Jin Jing with Sifu Jennifer Lee. Dave continues to study, share, and learn from other’s insights and experiences, admitting he often feels he has barely scraped the surface of this supreme philosophy and joyful practice. Dave says it takes many years of research, pondering and practice to gradually grasp the key to the art and ‘enter into the temple’. Before Dave started teaching Tai Chi consulted with several experienced Tai Chi and Qigong instructors to explore the balance between traditional and modern teaching methods of Tai Chi For Health. This helped him to develop programs for teaching simplified Tai Chi and Qigong for beginners, the sick and elderly, and traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan for more serious and advanced students including Barehand, Sword and Nei Gong. Dave lives, teaches, and surfs in Bali.

Email Dave & visit his websiote www.taichibali.com


Dave-Surfing Dave - photo Dave - teaching




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