Join Ben Richards from the Seeds of Life (The Seeds of Life Cafe) in Bali as he takes you deep on a very special educational and cleansing experience. Ben has completed over 70 fasts of various applications and time frames. Ben has learned from some of the greats and has dedicated 19 years to learning about this profound system practiced by various cultures and religions for as long as is recorded. 11 years a Raw Vegan enthusiast,  Passionate about healing, health, connection and education, Ben has also learned from the mistakes he has made with fasting, which comes as a very important and beneficial addition to your journey. He has a very successful Raw Food Academy of 7 years  & has a high vibe Raw Food Café and Taoist Tonic bar of 5 years here in Bali.

Ubud Bali is the perfect place for a deep dive into cleaning out the pipes, getting reconnected and inspired by life again. Organic produce, attentive and experienced assistants, nurturing surrounds make it the perfect location to go deep.


Core outline & objectives:

  • The objective of this training/retreat is to get you clear about what fasting is, what detoxification is & how you can get results using the protocols that have come through time via various cultures and traditions that have come before us.
  • After a private assessment on arrival using Iridology & Sclerology, we can then personalize your journey and experience by providing the nutrients your body needs from the juices & protocols.
  • Learn about the ‘Fasting State’ of being, and how to open the body’s channels of elimination for detoxification and cellular rejuvenation by using the ‘Ascension Fasting Rise & Shine’ protocols.
  • To clean the digestive system from mouth to colon.
  • To give the digestive system a rest.
  • Make videos of the cleaning protocols, edit and post on youtube or your social media.
  • Learn how to maintain your energy and manage a normal active lifestyle while fasting.
  • IMPORTANTLY!! Learn how to break-your-fast correctly and what it means for a successful journey – it is everything.

Each day:

  • Aim for 6+ hours sleep.
  • ‘Rise and Shine’ protocols then shower and off to morning movement practice.
  • Celery juice every day while on juices, apple juice for those doing the liver flush.
  • At some point, coconut water & water only, a dry fast is optional for up to a day. (optional)
  • You’ll be guided on how to take videos in the morning and record your vital signs – how you are feeling, take pulse, urine strips & ketosis breathyliser etc.
  • Make video between 12-1 pm on each protocol if that’s your thing.
  • Video daily optional activities of interest (boreh boreh for example).
  • Meditation/7 rounds of 7/reading/journaling/introspection.
  • Sunshine, air, water, exercise, passion, wholefoods, relationships, spirituality/connection

Some of the Rise & Shine protocols you will learn and experience (included in package):

  • Guasha skin scrub
  • Guasha ‘krok’ skin rubbing
  • Sole water
  • Liver flush (optional)
  • Enemas with herbs, coffee etc.
  • 3 x Colonic
  • Intestinal broom recipe
  • Iridology & sclerology assessment
  • Daily meditation & pranayama techniques
  • Vision board/manifestation techniques
  • Tibetan rites & rise and shine movements
  • Lymphatic massage – optional
  • Chinese herbal decoctions

And a lot more.

Classes & Demo’s:

  • How to make kefir coconut water and probiotic drinks
  • How to make coconut or cashew yoghurt for breaking the fast
  • Recipes & talk demos on how to make fermented veggies and probiotic foods.
  • Video on breaking the fast
  • Grounding/Earthing and connection
  • Talks on biophotons, enzymes connection
  • Talks on yoga, movement & connection. How our life moves through our bodies into the physical world and why it’s important to have a clean filter of life force/body to create an epic life.
  • Discussions on essential oils, nutrition,
  • Discussion on other fasting methods like the Master Cleanse
  • A library of rare books & knowledge to expand your innerstanding while your deep diving.
  • Tonic herbalism to support digestion and supreme health.

Daily schedule:

  • 6am – Rise and shine and begin daily cleanse protocols
  • Silence until 9 am coconut water and Chinese herbal tea to start
  • 8am – Movement
  • 10am – Break-fast of juices
  • Free time/colonics/massage/rest
  • 2pm – Breathing exercises & Juice feast
  • 2:30 – Class/talk/demo
  • 4pm – Salt water flush/iridology assessments/enema
  • 6pm – Dine on Juice feast/breathing workshops/free time/movie/relevant documentary
  • Journaling


This will be an intimate group of people diving deep so the numbers are limited.


June 18th – 24th 2019

January 3rd – 9th 2020



Usd$1809 all inclusive with accommodation shared room.

We are running the detox trainings right after our level 1 June 2-16 and December 18 – 1 January Raw Food Chef Certifications.


What is included:

  • 7 days/6 nights accommodation at
  • Iridology & Sclerology assessment and action plan.
  • 3 liters of fresh juice and as many coconuts as you need coconuts per day
  • Training manual and material
  • Recipes and ingredients for all the Rise and Shine protocols
  • Enema bag to take home
  • Ben’s Juice recipe booklet
  • Fermentation recipes
  • 3 colonics by professionals here in Ubud
  • Hands on practical experience guided by Ben Richards
  • Bamboo straw
  • A cleaner and more healthier body ready to bounce back into your routine
  • Genuine care and support
  • Practical information to take home on daily self-care, movement and inspirational talks.
  • Urine test strips
  • 1 x Balinese Massage


Optional extra:

  • Holographic Kinetics sessions usd$108
  • Boreh Boreh Massage in Ubud & other modalities you might like to try.


Contact the team for more details – email (Coming soon)